Love Birds
4816 Nottingham Ln Birmingham, Alabama 35223
(205) 401-2058


  • What is the cost of our dove releasing services?

We charge $360.00 to release approximately 20 birds (weddings). We charge $195.00 to release 10 birds (funerals).

  • What happens to the birds after they are released?

After getting their bearings (and God's guidance), they fly directly back to our house, usually arriving home before we return.

  • How did you train them to do that?

The birds' ability to find their way is one of God's miracles! They are fortunate that God did not ask me to try to teach them to get home or to fly. (Not only would they be lost but also walking)!

  • How long have you been releasing doves at weddings?

Lovebirds has performed over 7000 ceremonies in the Birmingham area during the past 25 years!

  • What happens if it rains?

We will not put the well being of the birds at risk by forcing them to fly in heavy rain or at night! All the money will be refunded if we are rained out.

  • What is your coverage area?

We try to limit the distance the birds must travel to approximately 30 miles. This includes all of Jefferson, North Shelby, and portions of adjoining counties.

  • How do I secure my date and time?

For weddings I will send you two contracts. You return one of them along with a deposit of $180.00 (this leaves a balance of $180.00 due at the ceremony).

For funerals there is usually not time for sending contracts. We can make the arrangements for a white dove release with a quick call.