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Available Now! A great gift idea for most any occasion!

Mr. B's Neighborhood Honey is made in the Nottingham subdivision which is located in the 35223 zip code. If your garden is within a 5 mile radius of our hives, then our bees may have collected nectar from your flowers! I am offering one pound of honey in a corked Muth jar, honey dipper, and a tube of lip balm (peppermint, lemon, orange or unflavored) enclosed in a burlap gift bag for $25(delivered). Two sets for $45. Three sets for $60.

Only residential addresses in 35223 or 35213 zips are eligible to place an order. One reason for that is to keep the honey VERY LOCAL . Another reason is to make it easier for me to deliver your order to your home promptly.

To take advantage of this current offer, complete the form below and I will deliver your honey to you. If no one is at home, I will leave the honey by the front door (just mail me a check at your earliest convenience). I accept cash or check only. I will also send an email or text to let you know that it was delivered. I DON'T sell from my house so PLEASE don't come knockin'.

Those that order during this offering will be added to our list of customers that will be notified first about future harvests. (The next one should be bottled in August 2020). The number of bottles that will be available will always be different (that is left up to the bees). The earlier on the list the better. Scroll down to place your order.

Thanks, Mr. B.

Checks can made to Lovebirds, 4816 Nottingham Lane, 35223

By late Spring, one healthy hive may have 50,000 or more bees! (Only 1 queen, a few hundred males and all the rest are females!)

Honeybees can fly 5 miles from the hive at 15 mph!

A honeybee will only produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in it's 6 week lifespan! (Only the last 2 weeks of that lifespan are spent gathering).

Honey orders must include your name,address and email.

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